What we do

Empowering Youth to Seize Control of Their Lives

Our plan is to leverage the college, career, and life experience of recent graduates to inspire the younger generation to take charge of their future. By providing guidance early in life, we can help them avoid making critical decisions that could leave them unprepared.

Utilizing Recent Graduates and Early Adopters for Mentorship

Recent graduates and early adopters quickly understand the value of guidance. This makes them ideal candidates for mentorship roles, especially when working with younger generations. Because they share a common language and have a relatable perspective, they can serve as excellent role models for future leaders.

How we do it

Attracting Ambitious Young Adults Who Crave More

The Jr. Lions Den Community is the perfect place to start your journey as a mentor. By accepting only those who strive for excellence and refuse to settle for mediocrity, we can identify and develop exceptional individuals.

Once a young adult becomes part of the Junior Lions Den, we offer them the opportunity to volunteer and serve their local school districts – if available.

We work closely with these districts to provide targeted mentoring opportunities that follow specific TEK requirements. Alternatively, they can request a training program that caters to their youth’s specific needs.

After agreeing upon a training program, we will provide a group of trained young adults and adult supervision at an agreed-upon cost for a specific period. Young adults will receive a monthly stipend to cover their travel and service expenses. We conduct pre- and post-training surveys to ensure our programs are effective and to make any necessary adjustments.

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