The Lion’s Den Membership


 who want to learn how to properly structure, build, and grow their businesses so they can make an impact in their communities and increase their sales…month after month!

The Lion’s Den Membership



build a profitable business without the stress, confusion, and worry of having to learn it all on your own

You’re overwhelmed! You know you were meant to start a business that will allow you to make an impact on this world, but you don’t really know where to start. You’re juggling your full time job, family, and other commitments while trying to get a business off the ground and finally make the sales you know you deserve.  

That’s why you’re here. 

We’re committed to helping you become a properly structured business that runs like a well oiled machine so that you can finally leave your full time job and do what you love. 

Running a business doesn’t have to be a venture that you take on all by yourself. 

There are so many moving parts to a properly structured business.

And we don’t want you to feel like you’re all on your own. It’s incredibly powerful to be able to come together as a group and learn, build, and grow as a community.

We’re committed to helping business owners just like you figure out the simplest path to building a successful business that you can leave as a legacy.

We’re helping our members escape the stress, overwhelm, and pressure of entrepreneurship, generate consistent income, and make the impact that has the power of changing each customer or client they meet.

Don’t stress out over the process of building a sustainable business. We’ll help you take the guesswork out of how to grow your business.


You started your business, but you’re not really sure if you’re “doing everything right” or what you should be doing next


You dream of business with stable and consistent sales, but you’re not sure how to make a dent in your marketing, your organization, or your strategy.


The truth is you’re afraid that you don’t have all the skills you need to build a successful business and you wish you had a mentor or a community of people to hold your hand through the process

It’s time for you to have a thriving business that supports you and the impact you dream of making

They’ve helped me make thousands of dollars in my business! The Harden’s have been invaluable to me throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, and they’ve also opened my eyes to many other business opportunities. They are the kind of people who have a heart for serving and helping others find success not just in business but also in life. I am forever grateful for the work we’ve done together and I’m excited to see what the future holds. 

Candace Harris

Brand Strategist & Designer, Twenty Seven Pixels Design Studio

I recommend Harden Enterprise for all of their services. I have used several of their services but the one service that has made a major impact in my life is their Business Consulting. Clyde and Tonya helped guide me with starting my own business Behind The Scene with MzDee LLC. With their guidance and lessons that were taught in the Lion’s Den which is a group of small business entrepreneurs. Everyone in the Lion’s Den come together and have discussions/network each month on ways to grow our business. Behind The Scene with MzDee LLC was launched in April 2022. I now have 3 certifications with my Business: Statewide HUB (Historically Underutilized Business), MBE (Minority Business Enterprise, WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise). I am working on my 4th certification now. I can’t say Thank You enough to Clyde and Tonya Harden.

Dendra Bulter

Event Planner & Coordinator, Behind the Scene LLC

Clyde made the class a pleasant one and taught us MUCH information in a relatively short period. He helped kept us all awake by engaging us all individually and making us all feel like we were critical to the effective relation of the curriculum.

Daniel Conkel

Good morning Clyde & Tonya thank you for creating the VIP Lions Den group. Those videos and information have been very helpful. I’ve been able to watch and read them when I’m on call late at night. I not able to join the virtual calls yet, but please know that I am all in and ready to scale my business- Brittni Benton
Brittany Benton

The Lion’s Den Membership was created specifically for ambitious business owners who are feeling overwhelmed because they lack structure, direction, and strategy within their businesses.



Clyde E. Harden Jr is the CEO of Harden Enterprise Services LLC. He served our country for over three years in the United States Navy. He has worked for General Electric for more than 18 years. He gained his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and worked for GE Healthcare for more than 19 years. In his time with GE, he worked as a consultant who helped his team uphold the organization’s standards in customer service, service delivery, quality, & profitable growth.



An accomplished author of 5 books and counting; used her life journey to tell her story to help women overcome similar issues in life to obtain purpose in their journey. She accomplished her goal through writing books, public speaking, personal coaching, mentoring, and developing women of many ages through her Butterfly Academy Mentorship Program, and her multiple social media platforms.


Imagine what it will feel like when you…


Have a properly structured business that is built on a solid foundation and can be used as a tool to create generational wealth and a legacy for your family


You have a team of like-minded people who are all working to build their businesses, people you can learn from and people who challenge you to grow and thrive 


You’re invited into all the conversations and education that the Harden’s receive so that you can continue to build sales and grow your businesses to new levels 

Here’s what’s included!


business training videos


presentation slide decks


monthly group coaching


discount on individual consultations


resources, templates & worksheets


access to business- minded community for support

The choice is yours