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Home Remodels

Revamping your home can infuse it with a fresh atmosphere while allowing you to stay rooted in the life you cherish. Numerous clients adore their current location but seek additional space or home upgrades. Our expertise lies in remodeling, expanding, or modernizing your residence to align with your preferences. Using our established approach, we can reconfigure your layout, enhance outdated elements, and tailor the interior to suit your aesthetic preferences. The possibilities for home design are boundless!

Home Additions

Building a new home from scratch stands as a significant investment, perhaps among the most substantial in your lifetime. Emphasizing knowledge, trust, and transparency is key for a satisfying journey. Optimal results in constructing a new home frequently emerge through collaboration with the architect. This teamwork streamlines efforts, particularly in the initial design stages. Our objective is to navigate you through the process, customizing it to suit your project’s unique requirements. This ensures that every financial choice resonates with your goals and enriches your envisioned outcome.

New Home Builds

Crafting a new home from the ground up marks a substantial investment, possibly one of the largest in your life. It’s vital to prioritize knowledge, trust, and transparency to ensure a positive experience throughout. The most successful outcomes in new home construction often arise when we work in tandem with the builder. This collaboration allows for seamless teamwork, especially in the early phases of design. Our goal is to guide you through the process, tailoring it to your project’s specifics, so that every financial decision made aligns with your objectives and contributes positively to your vision.

Commercial Construction Work

We do tenant improvements, retail shops, healthcare, corporate interiors & education.

Affordable housing opportunities

We’re excited about our 1st Business investment property. Shout out to LiftFund for making this investment opportunity a reality. We are now able to give affordable housing opportunities to our community and surrounding areas. Today is a BIG DAY for HE Service LLC. Let the hard work begin!!!


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