Empowering Communities Through Restoration: Our Story at HE Disaster Restoration

At HE Disaster Restoration, we understand the devastation and uncertainty that follow in the wake of disasters. It’s our mission to provide more than just restoration services; we’re here to restore hope, empower individuals, and rebuild communities. We believe in the power of collaboration and compassion, which is why we work closely with FEMA and charitable foundations to ensure that those affected by disasters have the support and resources they need to reclaim their lives. From educating communities to serving as an immediate resource for the most vulnerable, our dedication to restoring lives shines through in everything we do.

Clyde Harden

Clyde Harden

CEO, President, Contract Manager

Tonya Harden

Tonya Harden

Vice President, Project Director

Tameka Harden

Tameka Harden

Project Manager

Candace Harris

Candace Harris

Brand Strategist & Designer

Kiaunna harden

Kiaunna harden

Director of Education & Leadership Development of Junior Lions Den

alana harden

alana harden

Assistant Director of Education & Leadership Development of Junior Lions Den


Behind the Brand: Our Evolution and Purpose

HE Disaster Restoration started as a humble remodeling company, dedicated to enhancing homes and communities one renovation at a time. However, as we delved deeper into our neighborhood, we uncovered a pressing need hiding in plain sight.

Amidst the picturesque streets and quaint homes, there were hundreds of veterans, elderly individuals, and other disadvantaged members of our community living in dire conditions. Many of these homes were not just outdated; they were unlivable, unsafe, and unsanitary. It was a heartbreaking realization that propelled us into action.

We discovered that while the need for restoration was evident, the means to access funding and resources were not. Countless individuals lacked the education and know-how to navigate the complex maze of financial assistance available for disaster recovery. That’s when we knew we had to do more than just renovate homes; we had to become advocates for those who couldn’t advocate for themselves.

Partnering with charitable foundations became our mission. These organizations were on the ground, doing the crucial work of supporting vulnerable communities, but they needed allies who understood the intricacies of restoration and the importance of stretching limited resources.

Through our journey, we learned to navigate the red tape and budget constraints, ensuring that every dollar spent made a meaningful impact. It was a shift that transformed our company from mere renovators to champions of community resilience.

Today, as we stand on the front lines of disaster recovery, we know that our work goes beyond rebuilding homes; it’s about restoring hope and dignity to those who need it most. Through restoration, we have discovered our purpose—to be the guiding light in times of darkness, bringing comfort, support, and a fresh start to those who have lost everything.

Clyde Harden Jr.

CEO of Harden Enterprise Services, LLC

Clyde Harden served our country for over three years in the United States Navy. He has worked for General Electric for more than 18 years. He gained his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and worked for GE Healthcare for more than 19 years. In his time with GE, he worked as a consultant who helped his team uphold the organization’s standards in customer service, service delivery, quality, & profitable growth.

Clyde Harden has a heart to serve others. After serving his country, he started serving the youth in his local church and became the youth pastor by serving his pastor and the youth of his local church. After serving as a Youth Pastor In 2010 he became the founding Pastor of his own church New Destiny Fellowship Church. Not letting the grass grow under their feet, less than a year later He and his wife Tonya Harden also founded the San Jacinto County Outreach Committee, the primary goal was to bring resources together to meet a greater need in their local community. Their motto is, “Coming Together to Make a Difference.”

Again not letting grass grow under his feet he found a way to serve other Pastors of churches by starting and founding New Destiny Council of Ministries (NDCM), which is a fellowship that is designed to hold Pastor’s & Pastor’s wives to the high call of God. He is also the founder and professor of the New Destiny Council of Ministers Course (NDCM), while simultaneously leading God’s people.



Clyde is the author of the Minister’s Manual for Ministers and the Marriage Survival Guide (His Story). He is also the CEO of Harden Enterprise Services, LLC.

With the experiences, Clyde gained while he worked for GE healthcare for more than 18 years as a consultant in one form or another. Along with the relationships he and his wife Tonya developed over the 10 years of building their ministry, New Destiny Fellowship Church, and their non-profit organization San Jacinto County Outreach Committee; they felt compelled to use their skills to help others.

Over the years they would always see a person with a gift to perform a marketable task, but lack the tools to market it properly to become profitable; and felt compelled to relinquish the gifts of their experience to help them overcome their obstacles. After responding to the needs of many churches, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses with the gift of their experiences successfully; they knew they had found their calling in life, Harden Enterprise Services LLC. Where they are proud and excited to respond to your needs through the gifts of their experiences.

Tonya Harden

Co-Founder & Vice President of Harden Enterprise Services, LLC

Tonya, his wife of more than 21 years, an accomplished author of 4 books and counting; used her life journey to tell her story to help women overcome similar issues in life to obtain purpose in their journey. She accomplished her goal through writing books, public speaking, personal coaching, mentoring, and developing women of many ages through her Butterfly Academy Mentorship Program, and her multiple social media platforms.

The HE Disaster Restoration Approach

Empathy First

Our team approaches every restoration project with empathy and compassion, understanding the emotional toll disasters take on individuals and communities. We prioritize the well-being and comfort of those we serve, ensuring they feel supported throughout the restoration process.

Expertise and Innovation

With years of experience in the industry, we bring unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions to every restoration project. From utilizing cutting-edge technologies to implementing best practices, we continuously strive for excellence in our work to deliver exceptional results.

Community-Centric Approach

At HE Disaster Restoration, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We actively engage with local organizations, charitable foundations, and government agencies to support community recovery efforts and build resilience in the face of disasters. Together, we’re making a difference and restoring hope for a brighter future.

We understand your needs and value the opportunity to be your partner.

Give us a call & let’s chat about your vision.