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What a blessing it was to have come in contact with Harden Enterprise Services LLC. God allow Us to be in the right place at the right time. I work Monday through Friday but this particular day I took the day off, and He put in my view the company truck of Harden Enterprise Services LLC.. I made a phone call. Got set up for a walk-through and a few days later a crew was at my house. The crew was reliable, consistent , and trust worthy. I met the crew the first day I felt confidence and trusted them with my home.. I didn’t have to lose any time from work due the Godly crew Bishop Harden sent my way. The work they done was of perfection and professional . The devil tried to intervene by making my window A/C go out before renovation got started. But situation was quickly resolved, by Bishop Harden. He knew some people that was donated A/C’s and I needed three I was expecting to only received one unit for the room that would be worked in. But I was blessed with two more that was needed in two other rooms ??. So as you can see my experience with this company was/has been truly a blessing because I had been trying since the February of winter freeze to get my situation in my home fixed.. and next month will be a year that God blessed me with a group of amazing people. Thank You again Harden Enterprise Services you are greatly appreciated and loved God Bless??❤️

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


Barbara Jackson – Customer

We are very grateful to Harden Enterprises for their diligent and caring work on several challenging community projects they completed for us last year. Mr. Harden , and his team, kept great communication and were flexible if a challenge arose. It’s been wonderful to work with a professional team who prioritizes quality and true customer satisfaction. We look forward to a continued partnership.


– Customer

I recommend Harden Enterprise for all of their services. I have used several of their services but the one service that has made a major impact in my life is their Business Consulting. Clyde and Tonya helped guide me with starting my own business Behind The Scene with MzDee LLC. With their guidance and lessons that were taught in the Lion’s Den which is a group of small business entrepreneurs. Everyone in the Lion’s Den come together and have discussions/network each month on ways to grow our business. Behind The Scene with MzDee LLC was launched in April 2022. I now have 3 certifications with my Business: Statewide HUB (Historically Underutilized Business), MBE (Minority Business Enterprise, WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise). I am working on my 4th certification now. I can’t say Thank You enough to Clyde and Tonya Harden.



Clyde taught the best class I’ve taken in years, the HTM Site Leader Class. I learned more than I have in all the classes I’ve previously taken with GEHC both online and in person. I would recommend it to any BIOMED who is able to get to it -whether they’re people leaders, site leaders, or junior techs. If a person works in a BIOMED shop they need to attend this class, no matter how skillful they are (or think they are). Clyde stayed on or ahead of schedule at all times, worked with our manager daily to coordinate lesson periods, lunch, tours of the GE Imaging Facility, and contingencies. Clyde made the class a pleasant one and taught us MUCH information in a relatively short period. He helped kept us all awake by engaging us all individually and making us all feel like we were critical to the effective relation of the curriculum. Sleepiness was not a problem at all in this class as a result. Clyde is a great teacher and I look forward to seeing him teach again. Thanks so much for your dedication and professionalism, Clyde. See you next time!



I will recommend HE enterprise to anyone they are reliable great customer service and well the work they do speaks for itself after paying previous contractor in full they left my moms restroom in a disarray after contacting he enterprise they came out and within 3 days my moms restroom was completed I can honestly say they work hard and fast this was money well spent oh did I mention they are very affordable and competitive rates thanks so much again HE ENTERPRISE. This homeowner is so very grateful and we are reminded that caring for our neighbors, even when it seems hopeless, is what we are called to do. If you would like to learn more about how your congregation can get involved, contact us. https://txcdr.org/contact



Good morning Clyde & Tonya thank you for creating the VIP Lions Den group. Those videos and information have been very helpful. I’ve been able to watch and read them when I’m on call late at night. I not able to join the virtual calls yet, but please know that I am all in and ready to scale my business- Brittni Benton



I wanted to express gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Clyde Harden. He recently completed a pride audit with us here at Kingwood and it was a big help for all of us here. Mr. Clyde was helpful and considerate with everything we needed and explained everything that we can improve. I am glad that he is a part of our quality team.



Harden Enterprise Services LLC was recommended to me after I was treated inappropriately by a unscrupulous contractor. I can’t say enough about the quality of work, professionalism and timeliness of this company. The work by Clyde Harden and his associates made my house not only livable again but enjoyable! This company restored my faith that there are good hardworking people willing to make the world right again. The coordinated efforts by everyone on his team resulted in a very happy homeowner. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone that will listen!



Today, we find ourselves reminded of why we do what we do to help homeowners who can’t help themselves when faced with disastrous situations. We have a great partner in Harden Enterprises and they have been blessing homeowners in their area with much-needed repairs. The photos attached are of a bathroom for a 74-year-old lady who lives alone. You will see before photos, progress photos, and a finished photo. Initially, we thought her home was in such a state that our repair funding would have been like a bandage on a much larger wound. However, after seeing her bathroom, we knew we needed to do something.