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Small Business consulting

Harden Enterprise Services LLC will help you reach the goals you have set for your organization. We will do so by listening to your needs and responding to them through our experiences and resources we have gained over the years.

Whether it’s improving your customer service skills, developing a marketing strategy, building a budget, or training your team to become profitable; we will offer or organization the tools and resources needed to achieve your goal.

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Small business owners who are just starting their business, or seasoned entrepreneurs trying to take their business to the next level.

If you have taken your business and your current team as far as you can take them, but you know there is more that is needed to achieve your expected outcome. We will help you get there.

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With the Experiences Clyde gained while working for GE healthcare for more than 18 years as a consultant, along with the relationships he and his wife Tonya developed over the 10 years of building their ministry, business, and their non-profit organization; they are not only qualified, but they have experiences on every level of business to help you wherever you are, or in whatever organization you are in.

What can I expect from working with Harden Enterprise Service LLC. small business consulting department?

You can expect our team to listen to you and deliver what you asked. We specialize in listening to our client’s vision and providing the resources they need to achieve that vision.

How long will this process take.

We will move at the pace of our clients. Once we have performed a thorough assessment of the area in your organization you would like our assistance, we will build an action plan and work closely with you to complete each step to reach the outcome you have envisioned for your organization.

Is this process affordable?

We understand you are working with us to help your organization become more profitable, therefore our competitive pricing scale was developed to be affordable at the level of service you need us to provide for your organization.

Our mission is to respond to the needs of our customers, through the gifts or our experiences.

Years of

combined experience

Companies & Organizations

Who we’ve provided the resources and support they needed to reach their goals

We understand your needs and value the opportunity to be your partner.

Give us a call & let’s chat about your vision.